What to Wear When Snowboarding?

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Snowboarding is a thrilling winter sport that requires a special set of clothing to keep you warm, dry, and protected against harsh elements. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, it’s important to dress properly for the conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the mountain. In this article, we’ll discuss what to Wear When Snowboarding? including base layers, mid layers, outerwear, and accessories.

What to Wear When Snowboarding

Learn How To Dress in Layers

First and foremost, it’s important to stay warm and dry when snowboarding. The key to this is layering. A good base layer is crucial for wicking moisture away from your skin and keeping you warm. Look for base layers made from moisture-wicking materials such as merino wool or synthetic fabrics like polyester or polypropylene. These materials will help keep you dry and comfortable even when you’re sweating.

What to Wear When SnowboardingWhen getting new gear for snowboarding, it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement and put all of your focus (as well as your budget) into getting a good quality board.

While this is important, it is also dangerous if you were to wear the cheapest gloves, shades, and boots. 

Always remember that conditions on any mountain can change without notice so you need to be prepared against high winds, freezing snow, and bright sun.
Wearing the right clothing adequately gives you the peace of mind that you are being protected, so you can focus on having fun! 

Always Insulate But Only When It’s Necessary!

Next, you’ll want to add a mid-layer for insulation. This layer should trap heat close to your body to keep you warm. Down or synthetic insulated jackets or vests are great options for mid-layers. They are lightweight and easy to pack away when you’re getting too warm. 

When out shopping for your insulating layer you will have 2 choices: synthetic insulation or down insulation. The former doesn’t offer as much heat as down insulation but if it gets wet, you can continue to wear it and it will do its job. If you’re going to snowboard in an area that’s known for being relatively dry then down insulation might be the way to go. 

This is also where beginners tend to go overboard and dress too much. While it can be bad to wear too little, the same goes for the opposite. Packing on too much clothing can make your body feel hot and you will be sweating a lot on the slopes. You also want to make sure that you are always comfortable and do not feel like your movements are being limited due to the layers of clothing. 

You can make your decision about how much you should be wearing when you’re on the mountain itself. If the day feels a little warm but it is still snowing then you can consider removing your insulating layer and just ski in your shell and base layers. 

The Truths About Outer Layers

What to Wear When Snowboarding

When it comes to outerwear, you’ll want to look for a snowboarding-specific jacket and pants that are waterproof, breathable, and made with a durable fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of the sport.

Look for jackets and pants with features such as zippered vents, adjustable cuffs, and pockets to store your essentials. Also, a hooded jacket is a good idea for added protection from wind and snow.

Accessories like gloves, a beanie, and a neck gaiter are also important for keeping warm and comfortable on the mountain. Look for gloves or mittens that are insulated and waterproof to keep your hands warm and dry. A beanie or a neck gaiter will help keep your head and neck warm.

It’s also important to consider the fit of your clothing when snowboarding. Loose or baggy clothing can get caught on equipment or in trees and can be dangerous. Look for clothes that fit snugly but aren’t too tight, allowing for a full range of motion without restricting movement. 

Another important thing to consider is to wear clothes that have bright colors so that other skiers and snowboarders can easily identify you against the white snow. The last thing you’d want is to be almost fully camouflaged and risk being hit by others. 

Finally, don’t forget about the importance of good footwear. Snowboarding boots are designed to provide the support, warmth, and comfort you need for the sport. They are typically made from waterproof and breathable materials and have a high ankle to keep your feet secure in your bindings.

In conclusion, when snowboarding it’s important to dress in layers, stay warm, and be dry. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, add a mid-layer for insulation, and finish with a waterproof and breathable outer layer. Don’t forget to wear gloves, a beanie, and a neck gaiter to keep your hands, head, and neck warm. Also, make sure to wear good snowboarding boots and that your clothes fit snugly but not too tight. Following these guidelines will help you stay comfortable and safe on the mountain, allowing you to focus on the task of snowboarding and having fun! 

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