Speak the Language – Understanding Snowboarding Terms

By LeeMoio

Snowboarding is an exciting and exhilarating sport that has become increasingly popular over the years. If you are new to snowboarding, it is important to understand the various terms and jargon used in the sport. Understanding snowboarding terms can help you communicate effectively with other snowboarders, understand equipment and techniques, and ultimately enhance your overall experience on the slopes.

Snowboarding terms

Here are Some of the Key Snowboarding Terms You Should Know:

Regular stance:

This refers to the position where the rider’s left foot is forward. It is the most conventional stance that is widely adopted by many boarders. 

Goofy stance:

This refers to the position where the rider’s right foot is forward.


The edge of a Snowboarding terms refers to the two metal strips that run along the length of the board. The rider uses these edges to control their speed and direction while riding. You might also come across this term when you’re learning how to perform tricks on your board.


The bindings are the mechanisms that attach the Snowboarding Terms boots to the board. They come in a variety of styles and are typically made of plastic or metal. As you pick up more terms, you’ll also understand that there are different kinds of bindings on the market.


This refers to freshly groomed slopes that are smooth and ideal for carving turns.


The powder is fresh, untouched snow that has not been packed down. It can be more challenging to ride in compared to groomed slopes. Definitely avoid going on a fresh powder if you aren’t an experienced snowboarder yet. 


This refers to making turns on the slope, using the edge of the snowboard to make precise and controlled turns. It also happens to be one of the main ways to slow down when you’re going too fast, master this skill as soon as you can!


This refers to riding and performing tricks on obstacles like rails, boxes, or other terrain park features. A quick search online or on Youtube should show you plenty of videos for jibbing, including tutorials, how-tos, and tips to keep in mind. 


This is a jump that involves jumping off the tail of the board while keeping the board level in the air.


This is a freestyle trick that involves using the edge of the board to perform spins and twists while riding flat on the snow.

Flat base:

This refers to riding on the snowboard with no edge contact, allowing the board to slide freely.


This refers to riding with the opposite foot forward, which can be challenging for many riders.

Nose and Tail:

These terms refer to the front and back ends of the snowboard, respectively.


A U-shaped channel is used for performing aerial tricks.


This refers to the unmarked areas outside of the resort where riders can explore the natural terrain.


A ski lift operator is responsible for loading and unloading passengers on a chairlift.

Snowboarding terms

These are but some of the terms that are commonly used in the world of snowboarding. Don’t be too worried about learning all of them at once because depending on your activities you might encounter some terms more than others. When in doubt, politely ask for the meaning of the term and you’ll soon find yourself growing in terms of skill and knowledge. 

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