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Olympic Snowboarding
Lee Moio

Olympic Snowboarding Events

Snowboarding is one of the most exciting sports in the Winter Olympics, with athletes pushing themselves to the limit in

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Mountain Info Base Elevation 6330 ft/1929 m Vertical Drop 2280 in. Peak Elevation 8610 ft/2624 m 48-Hr Snowfall N/A Avg


Mountain Info Base Elevation 6565 ft/2000 m Vertical Drop 3500 in. Peak Elevation 10067 ft/3068 m 48-Hr Snowfall N/A Avg


Mountain Info Base Elevation 7200 ft/2195 m Vertical Drop 500 in. Peak Elevation 7700 ft/2347 m 48-Hr Snowfall N/A Avg

Sugar Bowl

Mountain Info Base Elevation 6883 ft/2098 m Vertical Drop 1500 in. Peak Elevation 8383 ft/2555 m 48-Hr Snowfall N/A Avg

Mt. Rose

Mountain Info Base Elevation 7900 ft/2408 m Vertical Drop 1800 in. Peak Elevation 9700 ft/2957 m 48-Hr Snowfall N/A Avg

Dodge Ridge

Mountain Info Base Elevation 6600 ft/2012 m Vertical Drop 1600 in. Peak Elevation 8200 ft/2500 m 48-Hr Snowfall N/A Avg


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