Meet the team at SnowBomb

Lee Moio

Jakob Thygerson

Growing up and living in the Rocky Mountains, skiing is a huge part of my life. I started skiing at five years old and have been in love with it ever since. I am part powder hound, part speed junkie, and part ski-touring enthusiast. I believe there’s no day better than the first ski day of the season.

My home resorts are in the Wasatch Range of northern Utah, home to some of the greatest snow on earth. I love getting out for a day on the slope or strapping skins on my skis to explore the backcountry. I live for beating the sunrise to ridgelines and eating powder shots on the way down.

I am also a writer specializing in outdoor adventure and recreation. I have a wide range of experience in the outdoors, from backpacking all over the western US to running ultramarathons to trekking in the Himalayas. I have written gear reviews, trip reports, and informational articles related to hiking, camping, skiing, mountain biking, and more.

I love sharing my experience and knowledge from years of skiing and inspiring people to get out on the slopes themselves. I hope you find my posts helpful and enjoy reading them!


Aidan Kennedy

Greetings! My name is Aidan Kennedy, I am from Canada. I have been working in the hospitality and tourism sector which has allowed me to travel to some amazing places. A big passion of mine is skiing, (downhill and cross country). I make it a priority to try and live somewhere that allows me to ski as much as possible in the winter. Currently, I am based in St.Anton Austria. I have previously lived in the world-famous ski resorts of Whistler British Columbia and Banff Alberta. In the summertime, you can find me going traveling or hiking, biking, and spending time outside.  

I am currently working on my own personal website and travel blog called the Travel Maxer. Stay tuned for Travel Maxer to go online. This travel blog will be about how to maximize your traveling. This type of travel is not for everyone because it will be action-packed but you will be able to see a lot this way. Growing up, I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel with my family. When I was 11 years old I remember going on my first big trip, going to Vietnam to visit my Grandparents who were living there at the time. We got to see a lot of the country and it was a real eye-opening experience. This kickstarted my travel bug and I have been wanting to see the world ever since.